Meet the team and look to the Future

At Azimuth we have pulled together a small core team that is integrated into a service network that can deliver expertise in every area of Healthcare and Healthcare Business Management & Development. We do not sell ourselves as clinical experts but we have access to more than 300 supporting consultants across the full spectrum of healthcare in Scotland, all of whom can assist with development programs as required.

The core principles of the group are:

End to End Solutions

Our team is focussed on delivering the whole solution not part of it. We offer the range of project management activities cross the whole portfolio of private and public healthcare, with an extended network across the entire industry.

Value Optimisation

Healthcare today is an inherently ineffective industry which results in higher costs and prices. As the market changes healthcare will become a much more competitive market and it is key that all the providers in this supply chain are in good operational and financial health. At Azimuth we have the skill to help you get in shape to meet the demands of this future market.

Easy to Access, Quick to Respond

Implicit in any engagement today is that a service will be available and easy to access and the customer will get responses quickly and effectively. At Azimuth we are always available and we use the latest systems and mobile technology that allows us to get back to with answers.

Future Thinking

“The future depends on what you do today!” Mahatma Gandhi
At Azimuth we try to embody this ethos into all the clients that we come into contact with. We can help fix problems today, but it is better to help you with a strategy for the coming months and years to deal with the problems they may hold. Whatever we do today must be “future proofed”.

The Team

  • Mr David Snape — Business Development Specialist
  • Mr Chris Reilly — Brand & Web Designer
  • Mr Gary Skene — Construction & Facilities