Prices & Payment
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The team at Azimuth are in this for the long haul and our objective is to offer value for money and wherever possible have a long term benefit sharing agreement where we can be rewarded on results. However there will be a short term fixed fee / retainer element to cover our basic operational costs.

Business Development Consultancy (Dependant on term of engagement) £500 – £900/day (Plus Expenses)
Monthly Retainer Program Month (Program Dependent) £1,500 – £2,500 (Plus Expenses)
Tax & Accountancy Consultancy (Dependant on term of engagement) £500 – £750 (Plus Expenses)
Company Registration Cost £400

Web Site Development Programs

Branding & Image Development, typical fee (Dependant on project outcomes) £600 – £1000
Website Development & Deployment, typical fee (Dependant on site complexity) £2000
Annual support fee after 1st year £600
Web Hosting per Annum £250
Search Engine Optimisation & Ad Words £Neg
Secretarial Support Services (Includes standard Stationery, Postage will be charges as an expense) £12.50/ hour

All Patient / Individual enquiries will be handled free of charge.