Our Vision…

The team at Azimuth strive to deliver a high quality, comprehensive and customer-focused services for all business areas within today’s healthcare market in Scotland.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Commercial Management & Development
  • Business Development
  • Operational Efficiency and Governance
  • Infrastructure and Investment
  • Price and Cost Improvement

There is a paradigm shift happening in healthcare not only in Scotland but across the UK and unless those involved in the industry have strategies in place to deal with these changes they will not survive. Healthcare is not immune to the vagaries of the economy and pressures exist on costs and pricing across the business with customers and patients expecting and demanding more.

The roles of all who engage in the healthcare market are changing with a greater level of commercial and business focus being brought to bear. Relationships within the industry are changing as this shift occurs and at Azimuth our objective is to achieve the best returns for those we partner with by leveraging their strengths and optimising their value in the process.