The value of a service is not what you put into it.
It is what the customer gets out of it!

In a recent article about changes in Healthcare with respect to patient expectation, the author noted “today patients are more informed, not better informed…” Also at the launch of a new cosmetic surgery group in Glasgow recently, an internationally renowned local Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Mrs Eva Weiler-Mitthof was asked about the main pitfalls of undertaking plastic surgery from the patient perspective. She replied “it’s all about how well you prepare and do your research, some women will spend two years choosing the right hairdresser, but only 15 minutes selecting a surgeon.”

Therein lies the great dilemma for the customer. Healthcare, medicine, surgery are all very specialised and complex areas with many challenges for those trying to access private healthcare services for the very first time.

There are many issues to consider

  • Who is the most appropriate person to see for a consultation?
  • How do I pay for treatment, will my insurance cover it?
  • What are the total costs likely to be, what’s included and what’s not?
  • Treatment abroad what are the pros and cons?
  • What guarantees do I get with treatment?

These are real issues across the whole range of medical specialities; orthopaedic surgeons don’t all do knees; all general surgeons do not do laparoscopic surgery; all plastic surgeons do not do face lifts. Also in today’s market prices may vary significantly from consultant to consultant and from provider to provider. In certain cases there are valid reasons for these variations but it is important that as the customer you understand what you are getting for your money.

This applies not only to individual customers but also to organisations looking to provide health care coverage for their employees. For large companies this can also be a minefield with many suppliers offering various products with a range of caveat’s or restrictions; some have limited access networks so local hospital providers may be excluded from providing services; varying financial models and structure which sometimes result in the company shouldering the risk and not the insurers.

As part of the change in healthcare funding a shift is taking place similar to that which happened in pensions in the 1990’s, where companies moved away from defined benefits plans to money purchase plans. In the healthcare market of the future the employer and employee will need to share the responsibility more and more for the individual’s health. This can only be done via contributory schemes supported by both parties and underpinned by tax benefits and a close working relationship with the NHS.

At Azimuth we can help you

  • For The individual Client
    • Selecting the appropriate specialist for your needs
    • Selecting the best provider
    • Getting you the best value for money
    • Advice on how to fund your treatment
  • For the Corporate Client
    • Selection of a private medical insurance provider
    • Development of company healthcare programs (operational & financial support)
    • Health & Wellness education programs

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