The customer experience is the next competitive battleground!

As Healthcare evolves into a much more commercial market place the language and behaviours of those providing services or facilities for the delivery of treatment will change. The demands of the market will change as the engagement of the stakeholders change and new relationships are established.

The market place will become more competitive and there will be demands for higher and different levels of service. The patient is becoming the customer and regardless of how or who pays for the care the expectations are rising. Healthcare providers need to be able to demonstrate the following core principles to those who come into contact with
their organisation.

  • Recognised Core Competencies
  • Technology Driven
  • Simple Processes
  • An Organisation that is Easy To Access and to Use
  • Focussed on Service Excellence
  • Delivers Outstanding Measurable Quality
  • Offers the best Value for Money
  • Behaves in a Trustworthy & Ethical Fashion
  • Nurtures a Motivated & Competent Workforce

The customer wants to be part on an experience something they can buy into and something they are willing to pay for.

At Azimuth we can offer the following services

  • Financial and Cost Management
  • Quality Systems & Governance
  • Organisational Development Support
  • Business Analysis & Decision Support
  • Process Development

If we use the customer service goals and use them as a template to compare the service elements above how well would your organisation score?

  • How easy is it for your customers to Contact you?
  • How well do your staff engage with your customers?
  • Do you really know how satisfied your customers are?
  • Do you review the whole stakeholder spectrum; patients, consultants, insurers, health boards?
  • Do you have the relationships and measurements in place to determine how satisfied all of these customers are?
  • Are you getting the best value for money?
  • Do you have an accurate handle on the cost drivers in your business?

There are many questions that can be asked here but often we do not take the time to step back and review the business; people get caught up in the “busy fool syndrome” but never analyse the effectiveness of what they are doing. The time to put improvements in place is when you are ahead of the game not when you are fighting for survival.

If there are any issues where you feel we could add value to you current or future business, gives us a call, or drop us an e-mail.