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Changing Healthcare in Scotland

At Azimuth, we have a simple goal of bringing tailored solutions for the problems that confront all stakeholders and customers in today’s healthcare market. As the dynamics of this industry change it is key for all concerned to be well positioned and informed to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that continually arise.

At Azimuth we have a range of services that provide an end to end solution for the challenges in healthcare today.

  • Chemotherapy


    In recent years consultants have seen fees reduce in a shrinking market as their influence diminishes. At Azimuth we have business models for both new and established consultants that will optimise business returns going forward.

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  • Radiotherapy Management


    Azimuth can offer many services to healthcare providers such as process improvements and optimisation; bid construction and delivery; new product development and introduction; cost review, management and optimisation.

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  • Targeted Therapies

    Insurers and Suppliers

    At Azimuth we will work with insurers to find the most cost effective solutions for service lines nationally or in specific regions. Also we will work with suppliers to help them become established in certain areas or to deliver and distribute new products and technology.

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  • Complementary Services


    The delivery of healthcare services will change dramatically in the coming years and the funding model will be at the heart of this. At Azimuth we offer price / cost comparison service to both individual customers and employers. We also offer healthcare programs in the workplace tailored to specific needs.

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